Thalassa Special

Ladies SPA Party

Running out of ideas for your next kitty party? Is a friend visiting after a long time and planning a catch-up? Well, how about surprising your friend or doing something different by opting for a day at our Spa.

Keep us posted and share your preferences and we will keep the setting ready for you to come unwind, chat, spend quality time and get pampered in tranquil settings.

Packages start from ₹10000/- onwards

* Conditions Apply

Want a staycation right in your neighbourhood? Celebrating your partner’s birthday or is it your anniversary? Then, this year, step out of the usual been there, done that, and go in for a couples spa therapy at Thalassa Spa.
This is a very popular request that we get at Thalassa Spa and we have made it our priority too. You stay together in a special couples’ suite and you can enjoy your choice therapies and massages together. Any special requests, just tell us and we will arrange it for you! A couples’ massage can be just anybody, your friend, sister, partner, spouse, or child.

Consider it a heavenly experience and both of you will leave wearing a nice afterglow and looking completely relaxed and blissful.
Benefit :
Experience in Couple Jacuzzi
Time 2 hrs | ₹8000/-

Couples Spa

Are you an athlete? Or are you training for an event? Are you an avid jogger or marathoner? Or maybe you are a gym junkie and love building muscles and working out? Yes. All of these are very good traits, but your muscles will surely be taking a beating and will be all worn-out and weary.

And when that happens, don’t push yourself, listen to what your body’s telling you, and visit Thalassa Spa for a nice, rejuvenating massage exclusively crafted for all you heavy-duty sporty types.

Once you have taken the big unwind at Thalassa Spa, we are sure you will come back for more and also bring friends along!

Customise Your Packages at Reception

Regenerate your skin with a soapy scrub & Polish with one of Dubai hammams. Moroccan bath is an age old traditional cleansing ritual of Moroccans which is spread across the Middleeast and popularly known as Hammam Maghrebi. This ritual is done to clean, whiten and soften the skin. It also helps to relax the tired nerves and muscles while enhancing the blood circulation of the body.

If rejuvenation, revitalization and restoration are the need of the hour, then try the amazing new Moroccan bath ritual. This luxurious bath ritual does wonders to your skin and body, not to miss, it offers great relaxation too!

Time 90 min | ₹6000/-

Moroccan Bath
Vichy Shower/Hydrotherapy

Vichy Shower is one of the Hydrotherapy. It produces a sensation of floating water, this plenty of water movement on the body/skin helps to increase the blood circulation, hydrate the skin and sooth the nervous system, enabling body to balance and muscles to relax.

Specific Benefits from regular Vichy Shower Treatments:

Increasing the benefits of the product recently absorbed by the skin.
Reducing toxins and waste, improving body elimination system.
Stimulating the skin drawing blood to the surface.
Boosting immune system.
Hydrating body through skin, improving skin and muscles tone.
Reducing stress response through skin nerve stimulation.
Good treatment for Hydration especially in Bangalore weather.

Time 60 min | ₹4000/-