Thalassa Premium


Polynesian Journey

Experience Polynesia, the exotic sensorial spa ritual, inspired by four of the most beautiful islands hidden in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. This luxurious treatment begins with an azure water bath in a bathtub inspired by the crystal blue waters of the Manihi Lagoon to protect and hydrate the skin. Next is the Exotic Island Body Scrub, a gentle vanilla-scented body scrub blended with pure white sand from Bora Bora, sea salt, coconut shell and algo-monoi for a thorough exfoliation of the entire body to leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. The Mahana Massage incorporates a rhythmic Lomi-Lomi massage and warm sand pouches to loosen muscles and nourish the skin. Finally, Polynesian Sacred Oil from Raïatea, the sacred island, is swept over the skin, its subtle golden pearls leaving a sunkissed glow and a delicate scent of flowers and monoi.

Time 2 hrs 30 min | ₹8000/-

Couples Spa

Indocean Journey

Indoceane is an intoxicating spa ritual, taking you on a journey of ultimate relaxation across the continents encompassing age-old traditions and rituals of beautification. This most sensual of treatments commences with soothing Egyptian Precious Milk bath foot ritual to relax and calm your senses. This is followed by a skin softening Mediterranean influenced body exfoliation that prepares your skin for the Ayurvedic-inspired massage that uses warmed oils and an ancient Indian technique. The final Asian step is a silky smooth body wrap which harnesses the serenity and relaxing powers of the Orient. After 90 minutes of hands-on therapy, you and your skin will feel intensely reinvigorated.

Time 2 hrs 30 min | ₹8000/-

The ultimate Aroma Experience

This hero treatment releases tension held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and re-charged carefully Applied pressure stimulate the nervous system, Swedish and neuromuscular techniques relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage helps encourage a healthy circulation. Stresses and strains are dissolved away.

Time 60 min | ₹3000/- , Time 90 min | ₹3400/-


Intensive Muscle Release Massage

As the name suggests, this is an intensive massage with essential oils that focuses purely on helping release the tension, tightness and pain that is embedded in overstressed muscles because your body is being pushed beyond limit. This purposeful massage employs the use of forearms and elbows to help break down the tightness and pain. With this the nerves are roused, so that accumulated muscle tension and toxins are released and the mind and body is induced into total relaxation.

Time 60 min | ₹3500/- , Time 90 min | ₹4000/-

Jetlag Recovery Spa Therapy

Travelling is always a delight and its allure that much more. But, long hours and crisscrossing through time zones can be stressful and exhausting. So, to recover and revive, book a specialized spa treatment that will help you beat the jetlag blues.

Leave it to the masterful strokes of the therapist’s firm hands to push away fatigue and exhaustion, as the essential oils massage helps relax the knotted areas in your feet, back, shoulders, hands, neck and head.

Time 60 min | ₹3000/- , Time 90 min | ₹3900/-

Aromatherapy Body Scrubs & Wraps

Do you want an all-round pampering? Do you want to just lift your sagging spirits? Do you think it’s time you rejuvenated your skin? Then, choose from either the Rose Hydrator or our Bespoke Skin Polish treatments so as to give your body its lost radiance, while leaving it smooth and soft.

The essential oils serum picked from nature’s bounty like rose and evening primrose work to nurture and pamper your skin and give it a nice after glow. As a bonus, your mind too is relaxed and your spirits boosted.

Rose Hydrator – Time 60 min | ₹3000/- 2. Bespoke Skin Polish – Time 30 min | ₹1500/-